Textured Blue Abstract Switchplate

Textured Blue Abstract Switchplate

Product Description

This textured switchplate features a blue abstract pattern, similar to our autumn abstraction switch plate. The blue tones cascade back and forth to result in a calming mood. Any interior designer will tell you that certain colors can have detrimental effects on the mood of a room. A wallplate such as this can have a calming effect on the body, and is good for the mind and soul.

This wall plate sits well on virtually any well, and compliments many different colors and decorative styles very well. If you have a darker themed kitchen for example, the blue tones will compliment granite and if you have black appliances, the black specks within the switchplate will compliment the hardware. It also looks great with stainless steel.

However, you don't just have to stick to a kitchen. Try this decorative switchplate in a living room, bedroom, or even formal room and let it help the room breathe properly.

See the chart highlighting the different options if you have any questions.

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for this style.

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Textured Blue Abstract Switchplate