Shell Collection Switch Plate

Shell Collection Switch Plate

Configurations Available

Shell Collection Switch Plate 1 Toggle

Product Description

Please see our entire collection of decorative switch covers.

This is the ideal switch plate for a bathroom, a beach house, or anywhere that has a sea shell, nautical, or tropical design.

Think about it: how many bathrooms, bedrooms, or guest rooms have you ever been in (especially in coastal areas - Florida, we're looking in your direction) that have sea shell-esque descor associated them? Might as well take it to the next level.

This is the ideal switchplate cover for rooms as those mentioned above, and it goes well with hotel rooms in the same area.

Welcome the relaxation of the island, and add a light switch cover like this one to a room in your home.

This wallplate is currently only available in a 1 toggle configuration.

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Shell Collection Switch Plate