Rocketman Decorative Switch Plate 1 Toggle

Rocketman Decorative Switch Plate 1 Toggle
Price: $14.99

Product Description

There are lots of other unique switch plate styles to choose from, so be sure to check out our complete line of kids switchplate covers as well as other decorative switch plates.

Broaden your child's interest in space and the surreal with this rocket switchplate. Beautifully designed with a blue background, this switchplate features different rockets and space ships floating through space and time.

For little explorers, it's a perfect way to help peak creativity and interest in space, and it's a wonderful compliment to any room. It adds a fun add to it, and the colors of the wall plate can go with a variety of decor and room styles.

This switchplate is easy to install because it is a screwless wallplate. It has very strong adhesive backing that sticks to the walls. It also comes with a little bit of sticky putty for walls that have uneven surfaces.

You can find numerous wall plate configurations at the Switch Plate Super Store. Whether you are looking for a traditional light switch plate, a decorative switchplate, wooden outlet covers, phone jack outlet covers or more, we’ve got the right style of switch plate cover for you.

See the switch plate configuration chart highlighting the different options if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: If the configuration you're looking for is not in the drop down menu, then this wall plate style is not available in that configuration.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for this style.

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Rocketman Decorative Switch Plate 1 Toggle