Cable, Data, and Phone Jacks Explained

Cable Jacks, Data Jacks, and Phone Jacks are the only switchplates that come with the appropriate hardware.

Check out this video for a brief explanation on phone jack switch plates.

Check out this video for a brief explanation of the Data (Ethernet) switch plate cover.

Check out this video for a brief explanation of the Cable TV switch plate cover.

Confused by the different cable, data and phone jack options? It can be confusing since several go by different names. We have wall plates for 3 different types of plugs: data (Ethernet port), cable (coaxial), and phone. Each of these come in several combinations like: 1 phone jack, 2 phone jack (two ports), 1 phone and 1 cable TV (coaxial), 1 phone and 1 data, etc.

The first one shown below is a simple cable TV jack; also known as a coax cable, this is the cable that feeds your TV a signal. This option comes as a 1 Cable TV plate cover, 2 cable TV plate cover or a cable TV and phone plate cover. The jack and the wall plate are included, which means the threaded fitting you actually screw the cable onto is included with the wall plate

The image below shows the configurations available with data ports. A data port is more commonly known as an Ethernet port. A data port looks identical to a phone jack except that it is slightly larger, so slight that your eye may not see the difference. How can you tell? Good questions, try to plug a phone cable into this port, if it does not lock into place then you know itís an Ethernet port. The reverse is also true, if you have an Ethernet port and you try to plug a phone cable into it, it will be loose and not lock into place.

Data ports come in two variations: a single data port, and a data port with phone jack port. Keep in mind with this option some wiring is necessary and instructions are included.

The last option is the phone jack wall plate which is also known as phone outlet wall plate cover. The phone jack cover comes in single phone jack, two phone jacks, phone jack with data port and phone with cable jack. The phone jack plate covers are easy to replace and should not be over looked when replacing other switch plate covers in a room.

Additional examples (and different mix and match combinations) can be seen in our Switch Plate Configuration Chart.

Rocker Inserts:

You can also customize any rocker wallplate with our selection of rocker inserts for phone, cable and data.

Cable, Data, and Phone Jacks Explained