Paintable Switch Plate Cover

Paintable Switch Plate Cover

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Paintable Switch Plate Cover

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Finally, the switch plate you've been searching for that will allow you to blend in your switch plate or outlet cover in with the rest of the wall. By painting over your switch plate, you can draw attention to other features of the room, like the art on the walls or that cool lamp shade you scored at an estate sale downtown.

These paintable switch plate covers are no ordinary plain switch plates. They are actually created to be painted over or stained as a decorative alternative to traditional switch plates.

With a patented primer coat, these switch plates are ready to go out of the box requiring only a one-coat coverage of your choice of paint color or stain. The primer also keeps the paint you use from scratching or chipping, which is one of the biggest issues with painting over regular big box switch plate covers.

With six configurations, you can virtually outfit your entire room, concealing all the electrical outlets and letting your decor shine. Plus, when you move or change the paint on the wall, these switch plate covers can be painted over and over.

If you're wanting to blend a switch plate into a wood surface, simply stain the switch plate the same finish as your wood.

While this switch plate has a smooth finish, we also carry a Textured Paintable Switch Plate Cover that has an orange peel texture.

Paintable Switch Plate Cover Features:

  • Available in 6 configurations above

  • Smooth finish

  • Patented primer means you'll only need one coat

  • Scratch-resistant

  • Can be painted or stained

  • Can be painted multiple times

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