Metro Line Brushed Nickel Switch Plate

Metro Line Brushed Nickel Switch Plate

Product Description

There are plenty of wall plate styles you're sure to love. Take a look at our entire selection of brushed nickel switchplates as well as our other best selling switch plate covers.

The Metro Line Brushed Nickel switch plate cover helps breathe new life into a brand new or already existing room in your house! This switch plate quietly and effectively communicates elegance to all who enter the room with beautiful discreet trim surrounding the outside of the switch plate. Adding a wall plate as such will easily boost the appearance of a room and in addition, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

A note about the finish on this wallplate. The nickel plates were previously named Pewter. There has been no change to the finish. The switch plate is not actually made of pewter or of nickel. That is a description of the color of the finish. It is made of metal.

You can purchase any of these switch plates in a number of different configurations. In addition to the traditional light switch plate configuration, there are electric outlet covers, rocker switch covers, phone jack covers, double switchplate covers, and more. Feel free to view the wall plate configuration chart showing the different configurations available.

PLEASE NOTE: If the configuration you're looking for is not in the drop down menu, then this wall plate style is not available in that configuration.

We also have all the sizes for each configuration of this switch plate shown on our switchplate measurements (PDF) page.

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Metro Line Brushed Nickel Switch Plate