Toggle Single Switch Plate Cover

Toggle Single Switch Plate Cover

Product Description

Toggle Single Switch Plate Cover

We carry a wide variety of wood switch plate covers and other decorative switch plate covers, so be sure to see them all.

This steampunk style switch plate cover makes the ordinary task of turning on the lights a lot more fun. Kids and adults will love pulling or pushing the lever that mechanically flips the switch.

The single color of your choice will be used as the predominant accent color on the switch plate. Please note, the other accent colors will be chosen at the good judgment of the artist. Please pick a color to be used as the predominate accent color on the switch plate. These unique switch plates are custom made to order therefore no two are exactly alike.

Each of these switch plate covers is made from laser cut wood and is assembled by hand. It is made in the USA from all-American pieces, including the brass screws and washers. The wooden pieces are stained with non-toxic stain in earth tone colors.

It is easy to install and fits over any existing, standard sized single toggle cover.

Flip the levered handle one way, and it not only turns the light on, but it also directs an arrow that points to the word "ON." Same with turning the switch off. Whether you're shopping for a kid or kid at heart, this technological switch plate is just plain fun.

Toggle Single Switch Plate Cover Features:

  • Measures: 5.25" W x 10" H

  • Made in USA

  • Crafted from laser cut wood

  • Assembled by hand

  • Non-toxic stains

  • Easy to install

  • Brass screws and washers

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