White Tail Deer Switch Plate Cover

White Tail Deer Switch Plate Cover

Configurations Available

White Tail Deer Switch Plate Cover 1 Toggle

Product Description

Not the switch plate cover you had in mind? Take a look at our other decorative switch plates and more from our line of VickiLane switch plate covers.

Perfect for the hunting-enthusiast and animal-conservationist alike, the White Tail Deer decorative switch plates from VickiLane Designs feature a buck leaping over a fallen log, set against a realistic background of wintery forest underbrush.

Seamlessly blending browns, grays, blues and greens, Vicki creates a subdued color palate that enables these toggle switch plates to serve as a subtle accent to any room, without becoming overbearing.

, White Tail Deer light switch plates are each hand-painted and resist both fading and cracking. Each is designed to replace any standard switch plate cover, incorporating one of the greatest symbols of the great outdoors into any room of your home or office.

See our configuration chart for different designs/configurations available.

You can also see all the sizes for each configuration of this switch plate with the switchplate measurements (PDF).

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White Tail Deer Switch Plate Cover