Citrus Orange Steel Switch Plate

Citrus Orange Steel Switch Plate

Product Description

We carry many different wall plate styles that are sure to fit your needs. Check out our other decorative switchplate covers as well as our metal switch plate covers for more designs like this.

This citrus orange steel switch plate is ideal for a multitude of rooms. The orange nature of it does allude to a "fall" style of decoration, but you can mix it with contrasting shades for a dynamite room just bursting full of personality.

Don't have a lot of personality? Just paint the room orange and then place this orange wall plate in the room. It will complete the look of that "orange room" you've always wanted.

We've just been informed it's typically a "green room" and is used by performers while waiting to go onstage. Forget that - start the orange room trend instead with this wallplate.

In all honesty, this switch plate can be paired up with many different colors, and looks great in many a room - from a bedroom, to a kitchen, to even the garage. More color means more conversation pieces, and a great eye for detail. Help that room's decor come full circle with this wonderful addition to your home.

This wall plate is also available in lime green.

The swtichplates available are not just limited to one toggle light switch configurations. There are a variety of wall plate covers available, including cable tv, data jack, duplex, and more. If you have any questions, there is a switch plate configuration chart which shows the varied styles available to you.

NOTE: If you do not see the configuration you're looking for in the drop down menu, then this switch plate is not available in that configuration.

You can also see all the sizes for each configuration of this switch plate with the switchplate measurements (PDF).

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Citrus Orange Steel Switch Plate