Bright Chrome Steel Switch Plate

Bright Chrome Steel Switch Plate

Product Description

If this isn't the wall plate you were looking for, be sure to visit our section of best selling switchplate covers as well as our section of chrome switch plate covers for more selections.

The Bright Chrome Steel Switch Plate features a lighter shade of chrome more visible to the eye upon entering a room. However, do not be daunted by this...the switch plate cover looks great, especially with modern and contemporary room designs. This particular wall plate can only enhance the decorative nature of a room when used in such a fashion. In addition, it also looks great when placed in the bathroom.

These switch plates are available in a variety of configurations, including light switch covers, duplex outlet covers, electrical outlet covers, phone jack covers, and more. See switchplate configuration chart for different designs/configurations available.

NOTE: If you do not see the configuration you're looking for in the side bar menu, then this switch plate is not available in that configuration.

You can also see all the sizes for each configuration of this switch plate with the switchplate measurements (PDF).

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Bright Chrome Steel Switch Plate