Blue Toile Switch Plate

Blue Toile Switch Plate

Product Description

You're sure to find the right wall plate for any room. See our other floral switchplate covers and our complete line of decorative switch plates.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for this style.

This toile switch plate cover is a classic accent for any home. Inspired by 16th century English Toile designs, the look and feel of this switchplate is that of a regal nature. The design itself is in blue, nestled on a white background.

You can't go wrong with this wallplate. It is a wonderful compliment to a living room, a bathroom, or even a kitchen. If you've got a bunch of blue overtones, this is an ideal wall plate. For example, a kitchen full of white tile, white appliances, and blue paint and trim will couple with this switchplate nicely for a touch of class.

Many of the switch plates available from the Switch Plate Super Store also come in a large number of styles. In addition to the traditional light switch plate, these can accommodate different hardware options from dimmer knobs to duplex outlets, or even multiple switchplate configurations.

See the switchplate configuration chart highlighting the different options if you have any questions.

NOTE: If you do not see the configuration you're looking for in the drop down menu, then this switch plate is not available in that configuration.

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Blue Toile Switch Plate