Antique Steel Nickel Switch Plate

Antique Steel Nickel Switch Plate

Product Description

We are sure to carry the wall plate design for your needs. Take a look at all of our nickel switchplates.

A note about the color and finish about this switch plate. This finish was previously named Pewter but the manufacturer changed the name to Nickel. It's still exactly the same finish. The wallplate is not actually made of pewter or of nickel. That is a description of the color of the finish. It is made of metal.

The Antique Steel Nickel Switch Plate showcases a traditional design that will look fabulous in any room. The smooth surface and neutral coloring make this wall plate a staple in design, something that can coexist with many different shades of color. If you are looking for a switch plate that is diverse, looks great, and is easy to work with, this is a surefire bet for your next project.

This wall plate is made in the USA.

Switchplates and beyond. Here at The Switch Plate Super Store, we have a large number of configurations for your home/office decorative needs. Ranging from light switch plates, to wooden outlet covers, to electrical outlet covers and more…check out our switch plate configuration chart which describes all of the different configurations listed for the wall plates we carry.

NOTE: If you do not see the configuration you're looking for in the drop down menu, then this wall plate style is not available in that configuration.

You can also see all the sizes for each configuration of this switch plate with the switchplate measurements (PDF).

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Antique Steel Nickel Switch Plate